Poker, the centuries-old game of skill, strategy, and nerve, has long enthralled players. From casual social play with friends to high-stakes tournament competition, understanding the hierarchy of poker hands is vitally important – in this guide, we’ll demystify what outwits another hand, from an ordinary high card up to that coveted royal flush!


High Card


At the base of poker’s hierarchy resides the high card. When no hand contains one or more of the rankings below it, then its highest card decides who wins; so for example, if one player holds an Ace and another King simultaneously then whoever possesses an ace wins; otherwise both high cards will be evaluated until there’s one clear victor. If both high cards share identically then subsequent higher ones may also be assessed until one stands out as superior and emerges victorious.


One Pair: When combined, pairs consist of two cards of identical ranks joined with three unrelated cards, the strength of which depends on their rank; for instance, an ace beats any pair of kings while any pair of queens will defeat both sets if two players share identical pairs; otherwise the highest unpaired card (kicker) determines who won outright.


Two Pair: At its heart, Two Pair involves having two sets of pairs with an unmatched card in your hand and an unexpected kicker card. In case of a tie between players with identical highest pairs and identical second ones, whichever player holds higher will prevail based on which hand has stronger kickers (ie higher pair or kickers).




Three of a kind (also referred to as trips or sets) refers to three cards of identical rank that come together and two unrelated cards from any source, whereby three matching cards determine its strength; when multiple people hold three of a kind at once, those with highest-ranking sets win; otherwise, kickers come into play to determine the winner among equal sets mega888 apk.

Straight: Funf Karten in Different Suits [straight], or Broadway straights for short. In general, straights consist of five consecutive cards from different suits that form five consecutive rows or stacks in succession from Ace High (Ace High Straight aka Broadway Straight), to Five High [five high Straight]. When there is no obvious winner among tied straights the one with the highest ranking card takes the pot; otherwise it is divided.


Flush: Five Cards of One Suit In Random Order A flush comprises five cards in sequence from one suit that do not follow each other sequentially, not necessarily in any particular order. When multiple players hold flushes simultaneously, those holding those highest ranking cards win and any necessary tiebreaker cards (second highest-ranking card, third highest card etc). If all five are identical in rank or all five players share in splitting the pot equally.


Full House (sometimes known as full boat)refers to any combination of three of a kind with two matching cards of any rank, as well as their value paired together – in other words, three Aces with two Kings beat out three Kings with two Queens when it comes to full house strength.


Four of a Kind Four of a kind (quads), also referred to as quads, consists of any five card combination consisting of four of equal rank with any fifth card being any fifth one in any suit besides that one matching its rank paired with any fifth one from any suit that may also match its suit rank – this determines its strength; should two people simultaneously hold four of a kind hands then usually the one holding higher set takes priority and wins.


Straight Flush


A straight flush combines elements from both straights and flushes; consisting of five consecutive cards of one suit in sequence. Like regular straights, its highest ranking straight flush would be an ace-high straight flush while its lowest would be five-high straight flush; in case of a tie situation between players the pot would be split equally between them.


Royal Flush


In poker, the ultimate hand is the royal flush – comprised of 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces of one suit that all form one unbeatable combination that ensures victory on any hand played. A royal flush guarantees success every time!


Mastery of poker hands hierarchy is essential to becoming an accomplished poker player. From modest wins to royal flushes, knowing what hands surpass others on the felt is paramount for achieving success on the felt. So next time you sit at a table remember these rankings and play smart!